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Dr. Sierra Breitbeil

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil, ND - MVWC Founder

I was born and raised in the Ohio River valley area, at the juncture of the suburbs and the open country with fond memories of swinging on vine maple trees, wading through streams and bicycling to the local library miles away from home.

I chose a career in natural medicine because it represents a patient-centered, sustainable approach to healthcare. I truly enjoy spending time with my patients, getting to know their story while creating a safe, supportive healing environment.

At the heart of natural medicine is the idea that the body is capable of healing itself. This principle guides all aspects of my care. Treatment focuses on the underlying cause of discomfort rather than chasing symptoms. I enjoy empowering my patients through health education and prevention. I am excited to support and guide my patients to better, lasting health.

I live 8 miles out of town with the feel of being at high elevation and a beautiful view of the Sawtooth Mountain range. I have 2 lovely boys, a wonderful husband (who built my Wellness Center with me) and a sweet lab named Milo. I enjoy walking, reading to my children, small scale construction projects and cooking one pot vegetarian meals.

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